witch hazel florals

Witch Hazel is a modern-day apothecary that taps into the calming beauty of nature. Back in 2019, Jill Hilbrenner started designing floral arrangements after spending the better part of the year tackling health issues. After getting the energy to get out of bed and “do things,” she went on a search to “do something pretty, just for the hell of it.” What started as a hobby in her apartment turned into an obsession that sparked the idea for this shop: the idea that the Earth creates the most beautiful gifts you could ever want. At Witch Hazel, you’ll find flowers for local delivery around Beacon, New York, plus a selection of botanical-inspired beauty products, gifts and more. Whenever possible, we source what we sell from local growers, small-batch brands and other eco-conscious companies that, you know, respect the planet where we live.