the winsome apothecary

I found my purpose in creating body products by my own hand.

Prior to starting The Winsome Apothecary, I had an interest in natural remedies and using what I could find in my kitchen or fruit stand to cure what ails. I would grab ingredients and whip up a quick oil for folks to use on their dry skin to heal it or run to the fruit stand and bag up herbs and fruits to boil in a tea. I never thought in a million years that this could be my business…but it is!

When making my products I do so when my energy is high, positive, and in a loving space so that it transfers. Each product has a floral or citrus base of rose, lavender, peony, jasmine, or orange and is blended with natural oils such as coconut, sweet almond, or jojoba. Every scent combination has a purpose-to evoke a positive, calming, or energizing mood for the user.

Everything I make is to help you feel good. From relaxing bath salts, energizing body oils, skin-smoothing in-shower body scrubs, to paw balm and wash for your beloved four-legged friend(s), your rejuvenation and wellbeing is my top priority.

Consider The Winsome Apothecary your affordable luxury. Your self-care starts here.