procario designs

Having grown up around his carpenter father’s workshop, Procario entered the world of art and design with a well defined love of woodworking and a distinct vision inspired by his reverence for the material’s possibilities and limitations. Starting with his Freeform Series, and later translating and taking inspiration from this series to develop new works, Procario has continued to produce elegant, contemporary, and minimalistic designs that capture its audiences emotionally through sensation and observation.

While studying sculpture in graduate school, Procario developed a unique aesthetic that began with the notion of wood as metaphor for the human body. “I would describe my work as having a heartbeat,” says Procario. “Each one has so much personality. As you move around them, the forms appear to shift and change. Just as we push the limits of our bones and muscles, I enjoy pushing the limits of wood to create a sense of strain in the material’s gesture,” Procario further elaborates. By pushing the limit of breakage, Procario creates a sense of strain in the otherwise fluid gestures of his works. Conceptually, this reveals beauty to be the product of stress.