liminal textiles

I’m a natural dyer and weaver living in Newburgh, specializing in naturally-dyed textiles and handwoven scarves. I moved back to the Hudson Valley in 2018 with my husband and two kitties, Littles and Mo. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2010 with a degree in Textile Development. I had always been interested in the process of making textiles and got introduced to weaving at this time. I started interning at the Textile Arts Center around 2009 and got my foundation in weaving and textile arts while working there. After moving out of NYC, I lived in Western Mass where I went through a three year herbal apprenticeship and gained a deeper knowledge of foraging plants. I started experimenting dyeing with foraged plants such as Sumac, Black Walnut and Goldenrod around this time. My preferred material to work with when dyeing is silk!