lauren barrett

Painting offers me a home to explore the experience of emotion and our connection to the natural world, each other, ourselves, and intuition through color, water, and form.

I became a painter the day my grandmother placed a brush in my small hand and taught me how to paint at her kitchen table. The practice of painting and creating allows me to drop into presence and offers a healing balm for the spaces words can’t reach. Studying and practicing energy work and acupuncture, I have always found reverence in the connection of the spiritual and somatic, the art and the form. My practice of creating brings ease and stillness to my inner world and is a channel for the infinite expression of the many dimensioned, non-linear experience that is to be a life on this Earth.

My greatest intention is to share that felt sense of ease and wonder with my collectors and clients—offering a moment of stillness and a remembering of our inherent connection.