ash hopper

Ash Hopper is a handcrafted soap company based in Hudson Valley, NY. We pride ourselves on using sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients from all over the world, supporting small family farms and producers. Ash Hopper has collaborations with many local farms and producers. Our strong stance on ingredients is a driving force we use to build new connections and obtain botanicals for our products. Every bar of Ash Hopper soap that is sold helps lend more support to our communities, small producers and individuals seeking a clean product. Owners Matthew and Thena Donnelly are passionate about creating products for everyone. We market to all people. Men and women of all ages appreciate our transparency and feel proud supporting our local business. Our soap is an essential product as important as produce. Everyone should enjoy a handcrafted soap product and benefit from quality ingredients. The current trend in skin care products are synthetic ingredients using toxins, allergens and in some cases carcinogens to produce high profit – low quality. Many people do not realize their skin care products can negatively impact their bodies and environment. Industry leaders are being succeeded by second generation stockholders and unfortunately sacrifice values for profit. Plastics are being used in epidemic proportions. We are stepping in and dedicating our life to educating and changing this.