Nikki Visciglia

Nikki has been an artist and a writer from a very young age. She has always been drawn to creative pursuits, experimenting with different mediums until eventually picking up photography in high school. She became infatuated with medium and large format film and the darkroom soon became a second home. She graduated from Purchase College in 2016 with a B.A in Sociology, minoring in Photography and Art History. She still creates fine art photographs, which have been exhibited across the Hudson Valley and in Florence, Italy. She is also a freelance writer, published in The Financial Diet, Collective World, and Rivertown Magazine.

During COVID, Nikki was laid off from her serving job and had more time to create. It was then she started ScigStudio, a business specializing in polymer clay earrings and accessories. ScigStudio makes designs for the fun, bold and sassy. She loves playing with color, dimension and texture to create truly unique art – that you can wear.

After joining River Valley Guild in 2020, Nikki began working more closely with the internal operations. She maintains and updates the website, writes copy + blog entries, and more. She also runs the Community Art Supply – a place where Hudson Valley residents can go for art supplies at no cost. The C.A.S runs on donations from the community. So far, there are two locations: Fishkill Recreation Center and River Valley Arts Center in Wappingers.