Jess Kravit

Jess is a natural born extrovert and people person. At an early age, she was both very invested in the arts and the art of bringing people together. Jess has her BA in studio art and specializes in abstract oil painting. In 2019, Jess founded her first company, Exalted Alchemy. Exalted Alchemy is a high vibrational wellness brand, Jess handcrafts herbal based skin + body care products along with medicinal remedies and astrologically significant candles. Jess is certified in herbalism, flower essences, reiki, nada acupuncture and yoga.

With a desire to cultivate a deeper arts community in the Hudson Valley, Jess founded River Valley Guild in 2020. The Guild is a multi-disciplinary creative collective, and currently has 100+ members across artistic fields. Jess’s goal through RVG is to foster connection, collaboration while providing resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and brands. Operating River Valley Guild grew her passion for event production and facilitating unique, creative experiences for the greater public to engage with, and for artists to create. In 2022, Jess co-founded Dream Valley, a full service creative agency to further share her passion and expertise in the industry.