Frank Theodore

Frank is a photographer and filmmaker in the Hudson Valley. While in college studying a trade, he found himself not being creatively fulfilled. At 18, he bought his first camera and fell in love with the idea of storytelling through a single image. He found his niche in artistic portraits and working with small businesses helping them build an online identity with their websites and social media through photography and videography. In 2022 Frank found himself astounded with all the local artists and craftspeople living in the Hudson Valley. Thus, the short film series “Your Local Creatives” was born. Your Local Creatives is a short film Documentary series highlighting all the talented people in the Hudson Valley doing exceptional work. In this intimate series we learn why the people do what they do, how they got started, and their plans for the future. Writing is also a big part of Frank’s creative process. Over the course of his filmmaking journey he realized that he wanted to make more narrative pieces of work. He currently has one completed screenplay, and is working on a multitude of other feature scripts and short films with the goal of eventually having them be shown on the big screen.